Welcome to Bright Hope!

Our Mission at Bright Hope is to be A Loving Community Pursuing Grace, Truth, and Hope in Jesus. We are unfinished and messy people who put our confidence in Jesus to help, lead, and change us, and also to bless others through us.

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Sunday Worship @ 10:30 AM.

Adult Classes @ 9 a.m.
Belong. If you are not sure what you believe, we invite you to explore here. Exploration is a part of spiritual growth. If you already follow Jesus but are looking for a spiritual home, we invite you to spend some time and worship with us. If you have a heart to give or to serve, you will find like-minded companions and places to serve here. All are invited.
Begin. We all start somewhere. But it is when you cross the line of faith, when you start following Jesus, that your journey takes on a new begining. Your journey can begin here. And if you have already been on the journey, you are welcome to continue with us as we ALL have a lot more to learn.
Contact Information
Address: 345 N. Deodate Rd., Middletown, PA 17057
Phone: 717-944-4400
Email: office@brighthopefellowship.org
Become. Jesus calls us to be fully devoted followers. Over time, we ought to fall more in love with Jesus and care more about what He cares about. We are called to grow in loving one another. We are called to do life together, to serve others together and point them to the hope in Jesus.